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When driving through a ramp or mainline toll plaza, I-PASS users can look for the yellow and blue lights at the end of the lane on the left side. This light indicates the account status.

A blue light = successful I-PASS transaction

A blue and a yellow light = successful transaction, low balance - update your account

A yellow light = unsuccessful transaction, no balance - contact the Illinois Tollway

If you are unsure if payment was made

Another way to make sure there are funds in your account is to go through a manual or automatic lane and see if the gate goes up automatically.

Customers should stop and pay the correct amount of money for the toll. Once you have done this, if the light does not turn green, you can proceed after waiting a reasonable amount of time. Under most conditions, it takes between 5-10 seconds for coins to be counted in an automatic lane.

When a coin machine malfunctions, violations for that lane are supposed to be automatically suppressed by the system. In the unlikely event that you receive a violation notice that includes this transaction, we recommend you call us at 800-UCI-PASS (800-824-7277) so that we can schedule an administrative a hearing and research the failed transaction.

You will need to exchange your transponder for a new unit. This exchange can be done in person or by mail. Please refer to the Customer Service chart for locations and hours. To exchange your transponder by certified mail, wrap it in foil and send it with a letter requesting an exchange to the address below.

A new unit will be shipped upon receipt of your old transponder.

Send transponder to:

Illinois Tollway
I-PASS Customer Service Center
2700 Ogden Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515

First, check with your rental car company on their policy for paying tolls. Some rental car companies provide transponders. In such cases, be sure you understand how to use the transponders and how you will be charged for transponder-based tolls. Inquire about transponder availability and fees with the rental agent.

Second, if your rental car company does not provide a transponder or you do not want to use the transponder they provide, you have two options:

  • Pay the cash tolls.
  • Use your I-PASS or E-ZPass transponder.
    Be sure to mount the transponder on the inside of the windshield, next to the rearview mirror, to help ensure that the transponder signal is received.
    Review your I-PASS account activity regularly to ensure the charges are accurate.
    We do NOT recommend adding rental car license plates to your account.

In the event your transponder signal is not properly read while in the rental car, there are two possibilities.

First, it is possible that the rental car company accumulates a video toll on the license plate. If this occurs, the rental car company, per its rental agreement with you, might have the option to charge you for the toll, as well as to charge you an additional processing fee, even after you have returned the car.

Second, it is possible you will receive a violation notice. The violation notice will be sent to the rental car company, which is the registered owner of the vehicle. The rental car company then has two options: 1) by Illinois law, they may re-assign the violation notice to you based on their record of who was renting the vehicle when the violations were incurred; or 2) they may choose to pay the notice and bill you themselves. If a rental car agency chooses to pay the notice and bill you themselves, you will not be eligible for the settlement guidelines.

An unpaid toll occurs when a driver goes through a toll plaza without making payment. This can happen in open road tolling lanes as well as at cash lanes without gates. If payment for the toll is made within 7 days, the driver pays only for the unpaid toll.

Unpaid tolls paid after the 7-day grace period will become violations. Each violation carries a fine of $20 plus the original cost of the toll. If the violation is not paid within the 21 days allowed by law, the fees may escalate.



When you miss a toll on the Illinois Tollway, you are expected to pay the toll due for the associated plaza and vehicle classification. If payment is received within 7 days, the unpaid toll will not be processed as a violation. Failure to pay tolls can result in fines and possible suspension of your license plate and/or your driver's license.

Pay Online

Credit/Debit Card Only
Please have the following information available:

  • Vehicle owner's name and contact information
  • License plate state/type/number
  • Date and time when the incident(s) occurred
  • Identify road and toll plaza where the incident(s) occurred

Click here to proceed to pay unpaid tolls online

Pay by Mail

You can mail your payment (check, money order or cash) with missed toll information to:
Illinois Tollway
P.O. Box 5382
Chicago, IL 60680-5382

You will need to submit the following information to complete the transaction:

  • License plate state/type/number
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Date and time when the incident(s) occurred
  • Identify road and toll plaza location(s) where the incident(s) occurred

In order to avoid the incident from being recorded as a toll violation, the toll payment form must have all the required information filled out completely and be received by the Tollway within 7 days of the unpaid toll.

Download the toll payment form.

In order to determine which toll you missed, you can view a Tollway map with rates by going to our map page and the link titled "Virtual Tollway".

In the event of unknown plazas or direction, toll calculations will be based on the maximum charge (per toll) on our system for your vehicle category. Maximum charge per toll:

  • Passenger Car (2-axle) - $3.80
  • Small Truck (2-axle) - $3.00
  • Medium Truck (3-4-axle) - $4.50
  • Large Truck (5-axle) - $8.00

Yes. Toll collectors at manned toll booths can provide up to $3 in change.

Yes. You can use both types of coins at the automatic coin baskets on ramps and manual toll collection lanes.

No. Paper money is not accepted at automatic coin baskets on ramps. The Tollway accepts all coins, including $1 coins, in the automatic coin baskets on ramps. To avoid searching for exact change and to receive a 50 percent discount on toll rates, drivers can consider getting an I-PASS transponder.

The toll payment will not be counted and it will be considered a violation.

The Illinois Tollway grants a 7-day grace period to pay your unpaid toll. Making a payment can be done online at or through the mail. Make note of the location, as you will be required to identify the unpaid toll location when submitting the unpaid toll payment. Payments must be received by the Tollway within the 7-day grace period or the unpaid toll will be considered a violation.


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NOTE: To protect your security, do not send credit card or driver's license numbers through this unsecured page. Manage your account online or call 800-UC-IPASS (800-824-7277) Mon. - Fri. 6 a.m.- 10 p.m.; Sat. - Sun. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. for answers to your I-PASS or violations questions.